About Scented Pelargoniums


Most scented leaf pelargoniums come from South Africa from areas with fast draining soils and seasonal rainfall. The scents are thought to be a natural deterrent to grazing animals.

The fragrance of scented leaf pelargoniums is hidden in tiny beads on the back of their leaves, simply rub their leaves and you will be greeted with the luscious scent of mint, rose, fruit, nuts and many more.

The Victorians liked to display scented leaf pelargoniums on tiered staging in their glass porches, so that visitors entering and leaving would brush against them and release their scents, what a lovely welcome or way to exit.

These plants are a delight in the garden where they can be grown in the border or even better in containers on your patio.  The larger scented pelargoniums make an impressive feature in large pots.  A collection of small pots staged on a plant stand can be captivating and make a good talking point for visitors to your garden.  Many varieties are suitable for hanging baskets or window boxes. E.g. ‘Coconut’, ‘Lililan Pottinger’ or ‘Fragrans’ are all examples of plants that would make a good basket. The real joy of these lovely plants is that they can be brought inside for the winter – living potpourri for the home.

If the what is written above is not reason enough to grow them, their fragrances can be used in potpourris, cosmetics and recipes and their foliage makes a great addition to cut flower displays, truly lovely and useful plants, I hope I have tempted you to try them.



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