I have been growing scented leaf pelargoniums for many years and still find them fascinating – they are a lovely plant to collect. Some of them have been around since the Victorian times and others are modern cultivars. In their native South Africa they are perennial, living for years, but they are not frost hardy so here they must be over-wintered indoors or in a frost-free greenhouse. They are a trouble free easy plant to grow, requiring the same treatment as the ordinary zonal/ivy pelargoniums that we have all grown for years.


Some scented leaf pelargoniums have an easily recognizable fragrance such as lemon, apple or peppermint etc. whereas others may smell differently to different people. Some of the fragrances are very strong and some are subtle. The leaves vary not only in fragrances (lemon, orange, apricot, strawberry, mint spice, balsam, etc.) but also in their shapes, colour, sizes and textures. Some are variegated, some are rough and some are soft and velvety. Although they are grown mainly for their fragrant foliage, the flowers are elegantly attractive as well. Read more...